It was Fun

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But Screwing up is so Easy”

@Lawson Wallace

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“ You need to stop getting high, Lawson.”

“ You need to stop getting high, Lawson,” the voice whispered in my head through most of the eighties. I ignored it or tried to. I kept getting high, but I was enjoying it less and less as time went on.

You can rise above it

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Or how my wife and I dodged some Bullets

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Be nice always

Anonymity brings out your real character

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Cyberspace is forever

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Memories of homelessness

A time for healing

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It was an upgrade

I thought I was in paradise four months later. The caseworkers found me…


I believe that I do

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I want to take the next step

I have been writing for Medium Publications for a few years. I am a better writer now and I’m improving every day…

Life changes



Get to know people before you look down on them

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I was a Security Guard

I was lucky. I made it through what I later…

Lawson Wallace

61-year-old married guy, I have been writing stories for years, but never submitted or published anything. I write about my successes and failures, everything

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